The Book Collection are located in glass-fronted bookshelves on the right of the main entrance and are classified by the Universal Decimal Classification (U.D.C.) according to the following main categories used by the Library:
0 Generalities. Science and knowledge. Organization. Information etc
5 Mathematics and natural sciences
51 Mathematics
53 Physics
54 Chemistry
55 Earth sciences. Geology. Meteorology etc
56 Paleontology
57 Biological sciences in general
58 Botany
59 Zoology
62 Engineering. Technology in general
626 Hydraulic engineering in general
627 Shore engineering
628 Public health engineering. (Water supply, pollution of water sources, sewage, treatment, disposal)
639.2 Fishing. Fisheries
639.3 Fish breeding. Aquaculture
A place to look for oversized books is on the bottom shelves.
Following these steps will help you locate books.
Search the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), available through public computers on the same floor or through home computer. To find books on a topic, do a title keyword or mixed keyword search. Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) database keywords and Subject headings are used to classify materials in the OPAC Catalogue. Write down the call number. Every book has a unique call number according to Universal Decimal Classification System (U.D.C.), accompanied by the first three letters of author surname, which is its address on the shelf. Example: 597:519.2 RAF